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  • Are you mad at me?

    Dec. 3, 2017, by Oriol Martínez

    To accurately infer the affective state of a subject is a very challenging task even for humans. How many times have you asked to a friend: are you mad at me? and the answer has been different from what you expected.In the KRISTINA project we are teaching an automatic system to performthat task. Isthat possible?

    Machine learning (ML) is a hot topic within Artificial Intelligence (AI) that tries to teach machines using samples instead of explicitly programming them. For instance, if we want to teach a machine to infer if a person is happy or not from its face ...

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  • Affective computing using Russell’s Circumplex model of affect

    Dec. 2, 2016, by Oriol Martínez

    Interaction between humans and computers has been increasingly growing during last 30 years [1]. Just think about how television, personal computers and, lately, mobile devices take an important role in your everyday life. Affective computing research aims to equip such deviceswith human-like capabilities to change the way we interact with them. In other words, we want automaticsystems that can recognize, interpret, process and simulate human affects with the final goal to emulatehuman empathy [2].


    In the KRISTINA project,we use Russell’s Circumplex model of affect [3] on both sides of the interaction pipeline: emotion recognition and emotion simulation.The ...

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