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One of the biggest challenge of our project is the integration of different components and new technologies related to speech recognition, information retrieval, semantic representation, emotional cue detection, dialogue management, avatar design. All these components will contribute to build a knowldege-based information agent with social competence and human interaction capabilities. This section aims to provide some interesting news and articles related to our research. 



Lebenserwartung für Jungen 78 Jahre, für Mädchen 83 Jahre

Let's talk about life expetancy. The life expectancy in Germany continues to rise: according to the current mortality rate for 2012/2014, it corresponds to 78 years and 2 months for newborn boys, 83 years and one month for newborn girls. As reported by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), the life expectancy of newborns has increased...

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Alternative Wohnformen (gemeinschaftliches Wohnen / betreute Wohnpflegegruppe)

It's time to think about our society and the next challenges. Elderlies need assistance and there are many different  way to ensure an effective care. 

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Digitization and automation on daily life

The European Commission is defining the upcoming social policies on important data that have been gathered. The Eurobarometer Survey shows the importance of digistization and the increasing number of automation in our daily life. Digitizationis considered as an opportunity for the European citizens perspectives and new policies will be based in this societal challenge. Internet services will guarantee effective public policies. What about digistal health and care?

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Why is Speech Recognition Technology so difficult to perfect?

There's an interesting article concerning Speech Recognition to understand the oral communication interaction between humans and machines. Originally this question appeared on Quora, the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Accents, environmental and microphone conditions are all variations that should be captured. Research has already investigated solutions to overcome some of these problems: words are divided in smaller units called phones and this structure is based on phonetics but there are still complexities to be considered as intrinsic factors of natural speech...

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Virtual Nursing Avatars: nurse role and evolving concepts of care

Advances in computer software have provided interactive tools that perform many of the duties once in the domain of the nursing profession. Sometimes referred to as 'virtual nursing avatars,' the duties delegated to this technology include facilitating check-ins for patients and coaching patients as they make lifestyle changes. Researchers continue to develop computer applications for virtual nurse avatars. As computers and smartphones take on tasks once in the domain of humans, the roles of nurses will evolve. 

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Affecting computing to understand how you feel ...from the look on your face

Cognitive and emotional intelligence are the key challenges of new communication technologies. It's clear that the human face is a powerful channel of communication and emotions influence every aspect of our life and how we connect with one another. Emotions are now intrinsic to digital experience and this is why communication technologies are evolving more than ever. There's and interesting TED Talks that helps us to understand the so called "affecting computing" and one of our research areas. 

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