2nd Annual Review Meeting

April 27, 2017, 10:24 a.m.

Successful 2nd review meeting in Luxembourg! All partners fully achieved the main objectives of the 2nd year and we are now ready to work on the updated versions of our prototype. 

Our five main research areas (adaptive dialogue management, vocal communication analysis, mimics and gestures analysis, content search reasning, expressive communication generation) achieved really positive results. Demos of every single module have been presented and their integration has been also demonstrated. 

Expert User Partnes will now demonstrate the functionalities and the current prototype during the upcoming events and you can join them taking part to the evaluation sessions (Do you want to join us?)  We are glad to present KRISTINA as a virtual agent able to assist migrants and help them to receive an universal health care assistance. 

Linguistic and cultural barriers exist but this European funded project demonstrates that it is possible to work together in order to overcome difficulties and differences. Migrants in Europe can receive an effective health care, they just need to be supported in order to understand how the national healthcare system work. On the other hand health professionals need to be assisted in order to deal with different cultures. 

Communication technology and affective computing can be integrated and KRISTINA is going to demonstrate that an effective integration and universal care is possible. 

Congratulations for your intensive work! Keep working on our final virtual agent KRISTINA to support migrants and to overcome linguistic barriers!

multilingual intelligent embodied agent social competence adaptive dialogue expressive speech recognition and synthesis discourse generation vocal facial and gestural social and emotional cues