Family Doctor Day: KRISTINA supports the semFYC Campaign

May 18, 2017, 8 a.m.

Today is the Family Doctor Day. Our partner semFYC is promoting the role of Family Doctors in Spain and our project KRISTINA supports this campaign. Migration flows are increasing but there isn't an increasing number of general practitioners, especially in Spain. 

According to Information System of Primary Care (SIAP) of the Spanish Health Ministry, there’s a decreasing number of Family Doctors in Spain compared to the other European countries: there are 7.6 Spanish General Practitioners every 10.000 citizens compared to the European average of 9.7 every 10.000 citizens.

Project KRISTINA supports the campaign, especially face the latest societal challenges. Spain, as all the Mediterranean countries, are facing an increasing number of migration flows from North Africa. The current situation is directly affecting the role and the importance of primary care and European policies should promote the role of family doctors. In order to reach this objective our consortium is contributing facilitating the clinical practice with patients migrated, improving the outcomes of clinical interview with migrated patient. 

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