Technology Forum 2017

July 2, 2017, 8 a.m.

The Technology Forum (TF), which is organized by CERTH along with 15 other organizations, has been held on May 17th at the Technical Chamber of Central Macedonia, in Thessaloniki. The event focuses on the broad field of information and communication technologies involving key areas (such as Big Data, cloud computing, machine learning, etc.) as well as applications in medicine, transport, energy, education, etc. The topic areas can be found in more detail at the event's website: During the events, the participants had the opportunity to broaden their network of contacts, explore new ideas and develop partnerships (provision of services, collaboration in the frame of new proposals, etc.) in the field of information technology and related applications, following an agenda of predefined contacts and presentations.

George Meditskos has participated in the Technology Forum on behalf of CERTH team and presented the KRISTINA’s concept and the role of CERTH in this EU project (attached the presentation – in Greek). The presentation has raised a number of questions while several local companies has showed interest on KRISTINA’s concept.

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