KRISTINA has been presented in Barcelona at the XPatient Barcelona Congress

Oct. 3, 2017, 1:02 p.m.

The KRISTINA Project is entering the final stretch of development. The project started in 2015 and during the upcoming months the final prototype will be presented to the European Commission and to the H2020 evaluators of the European funded projects. 

At the present stage, all partners are involved in the dissemination and exploitation activities. The stakeholders attending the XPatient Barcelona Congress had the opportunity to meet our researchers and health professionals. All participants demonstrated their interest in the project development and in the current available prototype.

The XPatient Barcelona Congress is one of the main actions promoted by the XPA Barcelona (Experiencia del Paciente), an extended community involving institutions form different sectors (health administration, technological startups, research and innovation centers. The main objective is to find new solutions for sustainable healthcare systems and patient-centered health models. Patients are the main priority for all stakeholders.

The Organizing Committee of the XPatient Barcelona Congress is streightening the importance of patients within all health processes. Moreover, it is considered as the third pillar of the basic healthcare quality together with security and treatment effectiveness. 

The KRISTINA project considers these aspects as a key and grounded issues of the eHealth care systems development.   

Many different professionals are interested in the development of our prototype: some of them are also asking about the future applications in different communication systems such as pc, tablets, mobile phone. An interesting aspect is the potential application of the virtual agent ina  real context (hospitals, healtcare centers) in order to break effectively with the current linguistic and cultural barriers between patients and health professionals.

The European funded project KRISITNA has the important duty to facilitate the communication with migrants and ensure a human development of the ehealth technologies. Many obstacles are on the way, but professionals are working more than ever in substainable solutions able to ensure a real and effective assistance able to face the healthcare cost-efficiency issues.

During the upcoming weeks KRISTINA will be also presented in new international conferences. In October our partners will present the virtual agent at the eHealth Tallin 2017. Find more information in the event section and follow our project on our social media. 



multilingual intelligent embodied agent social competence adaptive dialogue expressive speech recognition and synthesis discourse generation vocal facial and gestural social and emotional cues