KRISTINA second prototype

Nov. 6, 2017, 7:49 a.m.

The second prototype is already available and the Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine, together with the University of Tübingen and the German Red Cross are testing the latest version of the avatar. Our user partners are recruting participants among patients and help professionals in order to test the system with them and to evaluate the interaction between the system and the users in different settings (at home for elderlies and in a healthcare centre for migrants). The scientific content and all the reliable sources were identified by Spanish, Turkish, German and Polish experts. The second prototype includes different new topics: the original ones were extended in order to give the opportunity to the user to conduct a more fflexible interaction. 

The first use case has been preparad by the German red Cross and the University of Tübingen. In this context, KRISTINA is now acting as social companion, health coach, health expert, and nursing assistant for elderly people. As a social companion, the system is now able to have a small talk on daily news and weather forecast not only in German but in Turkish too. As a health expert The user can now receive, in German, information on dementia and also tips on sleep hygiene together with nutrition information and recipes. The role of nursing assistant is important in order to provide information on sleeping routine and eating habits of elderlies. 

The second use case is centred on the health care of migrants from North Africa and KRISTINA is now a personal health assistant able to provide information on baby care, low back pain adn basic administrative information to guide the user. The original dialogues have been extended: in the first prototype the user could only receive basic information about how to take care of a new born baby. Now KRISTINA is able to expalin the importance of breastfeeding, the reccomended activities to spend time outside with the child. She can also provide detailed information on recommended checkups and the calendar of vaccination based on the reccommendations of the Spanish Society of Paediatricians. Our experts are enhancing the scientific content also including all the necessary information to understand the role of family medicine, general practitioners and the importance of  the interaction: this kind of information is not always easy to be explained to the users, especially when they are migrated people and the administrative issues are tricky issues to be solved.

Understanding the role of family medicine, together with the importance of the healthcare is crucial in order to guarantee a universal health care. Moreover, cultural barriers are challenges that new technologies are facing: the natural interaction is more and more taking into account the background of migrated people, a different perception of healthcare that we need to interepret and to understand in order to enure an effective assistance.

The KRISTINA second prototype has been tested in Spain in the following healthcare centres:

CS Roger de Flor - Barcelona (on June, 20th) 

CS Jaume I - Tarragona (on July, 5th)

CS Manso - Barcelona (on July, 11th)

The second prototype is also available in the institutional premises of semFYC, DRK and EKUT both in Germany and in Spain. If you want to test the system and if you have any question related to our project you can always write an email to 

multilingual intelligent embodied agent social competence adaptive dialogue expressive speech recognition and synthesis discourse generation vocal facial and gestural social and emotional cues