User Group

The KRISTINA User Group is a community of relevant stakeholders from different areas of expertise including:

  • End users who directly use KRISTINA to support themselves or their relatives.
  • Professionals who directly use KRISTINA to get information about their patients and clients or related cultural aspects.
  • Professional provider of health services.
  • Agencies that place caregivers.
  • Health professional working in NGOs.
  • Professionals working in social services.
  • They all will be informed about the latest KRISTINA project progress and developments.

One of the main goals for this User Group is to include their members into the evaluation of the project results (after specific agreements), to test the project software and provide feedback. They will also be included in discussions about the project to create synergies for the possible exploitation of the project results, the development of business models, partnerships and more. Any contributions from this User Group to obtain the improvement of the project objectives are welcome.

If you are interested in joining the KRISTINA User Group, please contact with Leo Wanner, coordinator of KRISTINA project:

The following organisations are currently members of the KRISTINA User Group:

Organization/Expert Country
Departament de Salut de Catalunya Spain
Conselleria de Sanidade de Galicia Spain
Ahepa Hospital, Thessaloniki Greece
DRK Landesverband Baden-Württemberg Germany
Pflegedienste Tübingen GmbH Germany
Senioren Service Curita24, Reutlingen Germany
SenoPart Seniorenbetreuung, Reutlingen Germany
Der Paritätische, Landesverband Baden-Württemberg Germany
Doctors of the World Spain Spain
Andalucía Acoge Spain
Sahara Medical Spain

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